Catuaba Bark has been used for hundreds of years, originally by Tupi Indians in Brazil that used the product as a form of aphrodisiac. However Catuaba Bark also benefits men in a much more concentrated fashion.

Catuaba Bark extract has many more benefits than just those used within a sexual context, for example this ingredient also benefits the mood and memory of the user, as well as reduce fatigue and also improve the sleep of the user. However, Catuaba Bark extract is especially useful in boosting erection. Catuaba Bark works by opening up the blood vessels within the body, this means that as the blood vessels are relaxed, more blood is able to flow into the penis and therefore allow the penis to fill up with blood, which is what maintains a strong erection. As well as this, the extract increases the dopamine sensitivity. The level of sexual arousal and orgasm depends on how much dopamine your body produces and therefore how sensitive you are to it.

Catuaba Bark is used to increase blood vessels and can help maintain an erection, but also to increase the sex drive of the user and the dopamine level within the user's body. This will no-doubt help maintain an erection, as well as increase sexual arousal, win-win for everybody!

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