Maca Root is known for its ability to improve a persons physical performance, targeting their stamina predominantly. However, Maca Root extract is also less known for the ability to target and enhance not only the physical performance of the user, but also the sexual performance.

Maca Root extract is an excellent booster for your libido and general sexual performance, this has been thoroughly documented by researchers who have used this to boost both sexual libido and performance in humans as well as animals. The study, originally used on rats, found that when the rats were given a 75 milligram dose of pulverised Maca Root demonstrated extremely higher sexual activity than those who were given a smaller dose, and those given no Maca Root at all.

The sexual power that comes from this extract derives from the Maca's concentration of the compound p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate which is a strong aphrodisiac that is known to be present exclusively within the Maca Root. The root's ability to boost the strength of an erection has been claimed to come from its glucosinolate levels that aid sexual health. This is also present in other ingredients like horny goat weed, which is another natural remedy for sexual infertility, but is not recommended to use this ingredient on its own and instead as an ingredient in other remedies and treatments.

After 12 weeks of tests on men in 2009, it was found that Maca Root extract profoundly increased the sexual well-being of those taking the extract, as well as treating sexual dysfunction in men and providing them with a strong erection.


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