Muira Puama extract derives from a plant that grows to a range of 50ft in height and is commonly located in the Brazilian Amazon. The plant has been used for centuries, originally by the Brazilian tribes that used the extract as an ailment to neuromuscular problems and influenza.

However, the plant was also used as an ailment to sexual debility, and nowadays is used for the same thing. The root is known most commonly for its qualities of an aphrodisiac nature, and it has been found that it now has an extensive reputation as a sexual enhancer for men. The ingredient has also been dubbed 'potency wood' and also the 'erection root'.

The Muira Puama Extract is known to increase libido in men, as well as support male fertility and support a stronger and healthier erection. The root is also claimed to be an ailment for depression due to the fact that the mental illness is so commonly associated with sexual dysfunction in men. Muira Puama increases blood flow around the body and especially towards the groin area, this will help more blood travel to the penis, allowing for an increased erection. This also works with women to increase in sexual sensation and orgasm reception. As well as this, the extract, when used extensively long term, is said to result in the enhanced production of sex hormones, which will inevitably aid in sexual performance.

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