As well as being used in many different types of juice, food and even as an ailment towards mental illness, Pomegranate extract is also used as an ingredient in treating sexual impotency.

Pomegranate contributes to increased sexual vigour because it helps increase blood flow around the body, this means that it flows through the body can access the penis easier. Once the blood is in the chambers of the flaccid penis it will then become erect and strong. Not only does pomegranate extract contribute to a stronger erection, but it also adds increased hormones into the body that will influence the sex drive of the user.

Testosterone may play its part in the efficiency of an erection, and it has been well documented that drinking Pomegranate juice will increase testosterone in the body of the man. This will therefore allow the man to have an increased sex drive and in-turn will aid in the chances of having a stronger and more fulfilling erection.

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