Pycnogenol derives from the bark of a tree in southwestern France. Pycnogenol is high in antioxidants and also in phytochemicals, but not only this, Pycnogenol is also a patented water extract that is a great example of a plant that allows for increased sexual vigour.

Pycnogenol is known specifically for increasing sexual strength due to the fact that it's abilities include optimising and increasing blood flow. This increase in blood around the body allows for the user to have more blood increase into the areas it needs most. The blood will increase and be able to flow more actively into the penis region. Once here it locates into the chambers of the penis and it then fills up with blood. This produces a strong erection that can then be used effectively for sex. Not only does it increase blood flow, but it is also known for reducing Blood Pressure, this will allow for blood to access further parts of the body and mean you are able to perform to your best.

The nitric oxide within the body relaxes the cavernous smooth muscle and allows blood to access the harder to reach parts of the body, this will allow for penile erection in most men and help Erectile Dysfunction as well as improve sexual libido and vigour, without any side effects.

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