Vitamin E is also known as Tocopherol and works in a number of different ways to protect the body against a barrage of toxins. These toxins cover a large range of illnesses that are attributed to a weaker immune system.

Vitamin E also works against the toxins of air pollution that is so common today, alongside other common illnesses like diabetes. Alzheimer's disease is also another large illness that Vitamin E works against. In regards to the sexuality of the user, Vitamin E works to thin the blood in the body and this allows the blood to access specific areas of the body that it would struggle accessing if the blood was too thick or the blood pressure too high. This also prevents the blood platelets from clumping and fights against coronary artery disorder and heart disease.

Vitamin E is incredibly useful in the body and works in such a large range of areas, helping to circulate the blood further around the body, which helps in particular with preventing Erectile Dysfunction because the blood can travel into the chambers of the penis and help for a stronger erection.

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